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Prismlab MP series precision micro nano 3D printer

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The sub-pixel micro scanning technology, the core technology of Prismlab MP series precision micro nano 3D printer, is the research result of the national key research and development plan project “micro nano structure additive manufacturing process and equipment”. This technology can greatly reduce the printing error, improve the printing efficiency by 5-10 times compared with the equipment in the same industry, and is a real scientific research tool.

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This technology is based on the "micro focusing - micro scanning" technology of microlens array. Under the same precision conditions, the forming efficiency is more than 30 times higher than that of DMD chip, which solves the "neck sticking" problem of American chip; All parts and components of the equipment can be independently researched and developed by domestic anti-aging LCD, which can ensure a service life of 10 years under the condition of 7*24h non-stop printing.
Sub pixel micro scanning technology - principle
1. Spot reduction (minimum 500nm):
By using microlens array technology, the spot of surface projection is reduced to obtain sub-pixel spot
2. Spot position control:
Using piezoelectric micro vibration scanning technology to control sub-pixel spot for accurate physical arrangement


1、It has the advantages of high printing precision, large forming range, stable performance and industrial production.
2、It can automatically capture models, print and replenish fluids in the cloud. After printing, it can automatically collect faults and alarm automatically, which can greatly save cumbersome labor costs
3、The whole machine body adopts an integrated metal shell body, which is simple and elegant in appearance and has industrial aesthetic feeling
4、Prismlab has built a first-class after-sales team, and equipped each machine with a professional after-sales service team, from assembly, commissioning, and finally to fault repair, so that you have no worries!


3. Spot on / off control:
The sub-pixel electric control technology is used to accurately control the lighting / extinguishing of the sub-pixel spot; Using piezoelectric ceramics, the sub-pixel light spot is controlled for micro vibration scanning, which can be micro scanned up to 144 times
Tips: 1. The micro displacement accuracy of piezoelectric ceramics can reach 50~100 nm, and the displacement time can be ignored;
2. The physical pixel size of LCD is 19 μm。
The sub-pixel micro scanning technology does not need splicing, completely avoids splicing errors, and improves the printing efficiency by 100 times
LCD:1920 × 1080 pixels; Accuracy requirements: 2 μ m
Single exposure area of traditional plane projection is 3.84x2.16mm
Single exposure area of sub-pixel micro scanning is 36.48x20.5mm


Prismlab MP series precision micro nano 3D printers have domestic self-developed certification and relevant authorization certificates from Europe, the United States and Japan, and their technical strength is more guaranteed.


Priyson MP series precision micro nano 3D printer has been widely used in some colleges and universities, and can be used in university research. In addition, it can batch print some microfluidic chips, endoscope lenses and other micro devices, helping the development of scientific research and education.




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