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Prismlab One Desktop 3D printer

Short Description:

1. Prismlab one is a high-precision 3D printer independently developed by us for the dental and jewelry industry, which is used for the production of wax and die models.

2. Adopt high-resolution 405nm optical machine and DLP technology, with a resolution of 1920*1080.

3. This machine adopts touch screen control, which is simple to operate, without connecting to the computer, and can be printed offline through SD card.

4. The slicing software is self-developed. You can customize the logo, add dongles, and set the expiration locking function.

5. Low power consumption, the power of the whole machine is only 40W, which can be used continuously for a long time without shutdown for heat dissipation.

6. Consumables are not sold in bundles, and the resin has strong versatility. Only the photosensitive resin for 405nm 3D printing can be used.

7. The whole machine is guaranteed for 3 years and free for one year.

Product Detail

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1. 405nm light source with Texas Instruments DLP technology
2. It is compatible with a variety of resins, and the light intensity and exposure time can be adjusted by software
3. The software is independently developed, and the supplier has software copyright
4. 5-inch touch screen control, all Chinese interface
5. Support offline printing
6. To ensure the printing quality, the z-axis adopts imported P-Level high-precision module


1. Jewellery


2. Dental



Type Prismlab One
Forming Range 144x81x120 (mm)
Printing Accuracy XY:75pm Z:20pm
Layer Thickness 0.02-0.1mm
Print Method Offline printing、 USB flash disk、 output printing
Application Dental, Jewelry
Exposure Principle DLP
Weight 20kg
Slze 320x300x750(mm)
Voltage 220 VAC
Power 40W
Print Material Photopolymer Resin
Data Format STL、SLC、OBJ

Why choose Prismlab?

Prismlab desktop 3D printer has high printing accuracy, stable performance and less space. It can be used in dental industry, jewelry industry, etc. Prismlab one desktop level 3D printer has a metal shell body, which is simple and beautiful as a whole; As a desktop 3D printer, it can better provide more help for 3D printing beside the chair! Prismlab can provide a one-year warranty, and after-sales personnel can provide considerate after-sales service to solve various problems in debugging and use, so that you can use it without worry.



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